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Stanley Spencer

I have a feeling that most Americans don’t know much about the English artist Stanley Spencer, who lived from 1891 until 1959.  I have to admit that I knew very little until stumbling across a book of his unique paintings.  However, our ignorance doesn’t detract from the man’s greatness or his fame as one of the greatest British painters.  Some maintain that he is their greatest Modern painter. (mais…)


Learning everything you need to know about

a person by looking at

their bookshelves

I always love going to people’s houses for the first time, because there’s just so much you can learn about a person by looking at their living environment. By the same token, I’m often a little shy to have people in my own home because it makes me feel vulnerable and exposed, like I’m letting them see a bit too much of my psyche. (mais…)


The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Chelyabinsk-40

We’re quite familiar with the lore of various secret United States nuclear facilities; their storied history and operations being shrouded in secrecy has fascinated us for decades. What we seldom hear about are the secret nuclear laboratories and test facilities of our greatest Cold War opponent – the former U.S.S.R. One particular installation – Chelyabinsk-40 – was the first Soviet plutonium production complex and the site of three separate massive nuclear incidents. Until recently this area was not on maps and the Russian government denied its existence. No visitors were allowed under any circumstances, and all residents worked in the facility (later referred to as Chelyabinsk-65).  With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90′s, Chelyabinsk-40 was finally publicly acknowledged by the Russian government and granted town status.  In 1994, Chelyabinsk-65 was finally given a name: Ozyorsk.  (mais…)


Oscar Bluemner

I look at the work of a lot of artists and usually see something I can relate to in much of it.  It might be the way a color sings or the way the painting is put together or in the expressiveness of a line.  Or just in simple emotion.  But very seldom do I stumble upon the work of an artist who I immediately feel as though I am sharing the same perspective. (mais…)

Fracking/ Gas Drilling’s Environmental Threat

Oil and Gas Drilling Surges Despite Increased Oversight

by Nicholas Kusnetz

.(David McNew/Getty Images)

Energy companies have spent the last couple of years fighting off added government regulation, saying red tape is slowing development. (mais…)


Rompimento de óleoduto ameaça o Parque

Yellowstone, EUA

Do Correio do Brasil

Por Redação, com agências internacionais – de Laurel, EUA

óleoO rompimento de um oleoduto sob o rio Yellowstone causa devastação ao meio ambiente

O rompimento de um duto subterrâneo da empresa Exxon Mobil, na última sexta-feira, provocou a contaminação com óleo no rio Yellowstone, um dos mais piscosos do Estado de Montana, na cidade de Laurel. As autoridades investigam as causas do vazamento e a quantidade de óleo vazado nas águas do rio, que é um destino turístico no país. (mais…)


Custer’s Last Stand

It was 135 years ago on June 25, 1876, that the famous Battle of the Little Big Horn took place on the plains of eastern Montana, a battle in which the forces of General George Armstrong Custer’s 7th Calvary were overwhelmed by Native American fighters who had formed a large alliance from several tribes to battle the US troops.  268 troops were killed including Custer and several of his kinsman. (mais…)